Hello Mr. Arceneaux,
Vegetables are doing very well in a raised bed that I filled with pure Straight Up.  Here are some photos taken on October 6 (planted that day) and a month later on November 7.  Pretty amazing.  Great product you have!


Justin Price Backyard Harvest

Hello Mr. Arceneaux,
I tried Pooyie about three years ago when Brian at Domingue's Sand & Gravel informed me about it. He gave me a yard to field test on my fruit trees; I have about fifty trees. I used it mostly on my young fig trees and I must say that the growth in those young trees was substantial and the leaf color got very dark showing good nitrogen content. It was only a few months ago that I realized this it was your Pooyie that I used. You make a good product and I will use again on all of my trees.


Fernando Flores

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