Order Rich Compost for Your Gardening and Farming Needs

Contact Oak Heart Farms, LLC for our “Straight Up” organic compost

Do you want to grow bigger, healthier plants? Do you need rich compost for your farming and gardening endeavors? Don’t rely on plain manufactured compost from the local gardening store. Order nutrient-rich organic compost from Oak Heart Farms, LLC. We have a specific type of our “Pooyie” compost available for vegetable beds and farming – we call it “straight up” organic compost.

 3 reasons to order straight up compost from Oak Heart Farms

Using our state-of-the-art composting equipment and techniques, we’re able to perfectly blend raw materials to create rich organic compost for our customers. Here are a few reasons why we think our straight up compost is perfect for your gardening and farming needs:

  1. The compost is made at our facility using raw horse waste materials.
  2. It’s perfect for areas depleted of nutritious soil.
  3. Nitrogen and phosphorous levels are at a perfect balance

Our straight up compost comes in 2 cubic foot bags. We sell our effective organic compost to individuals or to wholesalers who want to beef up their selection of quality products. If you’re interested in our straight up “Pooyie” compost, contact Oak Heart Farms today. We look forward to hearing from you.