Provide an Excellent Foundation for All Your Flowers

Order “Pooyie” Bed Builder compost from Oak Heart Farms, LLC

Are you having a tough time growing healthy and radiant flowers? It might be your soil. Give your flowers and plants something better to grow in. Oak Heart Farms, LLC creates nutrient rich organic soil from raw materials at our 40 acre facility in Rayne, Louisiana. We offer our bed builder compost for flowerbeds and gardens in addition to our straight up compost for vegetables and farming.

Outstanding results for your garden or flower bed

Our bed builder “Pooyie” compost is made up of black bark, sand and other materials. It’s a fluffier product to allow water to drain adequately to the roots of the plant. This allows for healthier plants and better blooms for flowers. Our bed builder compost is a great foundation for any type of flower or plant growth.

We take the time to create the perfect compost for our customers. If you’d like to order our bed builder “Pooyie” compost, get in touch with Oak Heart Farms today.