The Co-Founder, Ken Arceneaux, has trained extensively in Lexington, Kentucky on the scientific and natural occurance process of "Organic Composting". The training included on site composting techniques with a state of the art compost turner and compost monitoring equipment. This method of composting and cutting edge technology is a process we are proud to introduce and apply to the environment.

Additionally, the training included correct application of natural occuring compost amendments and the appropriate timing of the various applications of each. This application is crucial to consistent and quality "Organic Compost".

Thus, we have brought to our area an advanced method in which we can monitor our product daily to produce nutrient rich compost that can be used for any and all growth of plant life.

"Our mission is to re-enter into the environment a beneficial and sustainable soil and plant enrichment from wastethat would normally be a nuisance and thus "Go Green For Louisiana".

Who We Are

All of our staff members are crucial to our team. Here are some of the crew members with which we could not operate.

Site Monitor:

Each morning the site monitor checks each row in various locations for moisture, temperature, carbon dioxide level, texture, breakdown, and overall syncronization of the breakdown of our product.

Breakdown means microbes are feeding on the product, excreting waste(castings) then expiring, creating heat and food for the next set of microbes to feed on and creating an Organic Compost in the process. This is a huge portion of the processing that creates the value and nutrition of our product.

Compost Turner Operator:

On a daily basis the turner operator receives a list of rows that are slated for turning and manipulation. These are issued by based upon readings from the previous site monitor reports. Detailed amendment requirements are spelled out in the row turning schedule.

Front End Loader Operating Engineer:

Responsible for row uniformity, alignment, and syncronization of product being delivered. Additionally, this crew member is responsible for start up of new row locations, establishing and maintaining drainage.


This individual is responsible for loading and delivery of reviewed, tested, assigned,and fully developed product.

Sales and Service

Celeste Prejean has brought her considerable sales ability and technique to our firm. Her outflow of information about our company is a very valuable part of the entire operation.

We are committed to the delivery of a consistent, quality, "Humic Compost" complete with beneficial bacteria and microbes for ultimate healthy plant life.

Our business is new to the Southeast Louisiana area at this large of a scale. Actually, the process started 117 years ago in Austria. Of course, improvements on the process and the final product are ongoing.